Embrace CHANGE in your life

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Change your life for good – that’s a big one!

  • Do you feel as if you are stuck in a rut and not living your true purpose in life?
  • Are you itchy to get unstuck but don’t know how and where to start?
  • Or are you just afraid that you will fail miserably and embarrass yourself in the process? 

Change is not always easy.

Yet, with the right tools and support, taking a step to change your life for good is easier than you think.

In this book, you will learn about:

  • Effective ways to better understand yourself and what you want in life
  • Scientific techniques that will help you take real steps toward real action
  • Why we are so resistant to change and how to recondition your brain to embrace change
  • How to turn life’s obstacles into opportunities for growth
  • PLUS practical tips on how to develop healthier habits, declutter your mind, enrich your faith and spirituality, reconnect with nature, and so much more


What the experts are saying about Change Your Life for Good with the PAME Code...

 Dr Catherine Sykes

  Founder, Zenitude Coaching and Author of Slim Mind: Learn to Think and Act Slim  


If you are serious about change, then Change your Life for Good, is a must read.  

It is not a marketing gimmick. Dr Estacio is a psychologist who is an expert on change. She makes what psychologists know about change truly accessible to her readers. She guides you through a clear plan to understand and make long lasting meaningful changes to your life. Her honest and open style is appealing as it makes you feel she is talking directly to you. She builds a relationship with you throughout the book leading you to feel comfortable in opening up to yourself, making this a very cost effective form of coaching. 

 Mary Brydon-Miller, Ph.D. 

 Professor, Educational Leadership, Evaluation, and Organizational Development, University of Louisville, USA 


ChangeYour Life for Good by Dr. Emee Estacio offers practical advice for responding to life’s challenges in an engaging and accessible manner.   Life counsel from a warm and caring friend, Estacio shares some of her own experiences combined with the insights she brings from her own training as a psychologist and the knowledge of other authors to provide concrete and manageable steps toward creating positive change in your life. Estacio’s very readable book helps us to recognize and deal with our inner critics, offers tips for achieving sustainable change in our attitudes and actions, and connects this to reflections about achieving our greater purpose in life.  

 Dr Yvonne Skipper 

White Water Writers


This down-to-earth little book is ideal for anyone who is ready to make a positive change in their life.  Based on psychological theory, it is full of practical ideas to help you to move forward and deal with your ‘inner critic’.  The author brings together personal experience and real world examples to help us to break down barriers, so begin your journey and PAME ‘let’s go together’!

Donna May Tomboc

Christian, educator, entrepreneur, Executive Director, Frieden Montessori, and Marketing Director, Children of Mary Montessori


Trials turn into perseverance, character, and hope
Everyone has a story. The great thing is, our stories are not finished yet! This book reminds us of that obvious truth - we are still alive! To get back in the game, try PAME. This Dr. Estacio's tried and tested way of getting back up when life has pushed us down.

God has blessed her with a good life interspersed with trials so she can share her experience and insights through her books and professional practice. Her book makes us believe that hardships leads us to persevere which builds our character which in turn yields hope.

Thank you for sharing your heart, mind, and soul through this wonderful book. It is truly inspiring! Looking forward to learn from the next chapter of your story!